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As Is Consulting is here to help you meet your personal wellness goals.​There is so much information out there on how to do "wellness" correctly that it can sometimes be overwhelming to people who are just starting their wellness journey. As Is Consulting is here to help you build a personal wellness plan that synthesizes body, mind, and spirit, to help our clients build effective habits, regulate their thoughts and feelings, and ultimately find inner peace in a chaotic world. 

meditation teacher leading class


Here's what clients and co-workers are saying about Joel:

"Through the lens of patience, experience and compassion, Joel Manning has provided INTERFORM staff members with a better understanding of what it truly means to be inclusive. By creating a safe space to ask questions and navigate through social challenges, Joel ensured each team member left the meeting empowered. We are thankful for their time and contribution to DEI and consider them to be a valued and imperative asset to the workforce community."

- INTERFORM team, Springdale, AR

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