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Custom solutions as unique as your workforce

As Is Consulting is your go-to source for both HR and wellness consulting services for your business or non-profit. Whether dealing with an individual, a team, or an entire organization, my mission is to help you create a healthy and sustainable environment that promotes growth and success.


In The Workplace: I specialize in crafting unique trainings, initiatives, and solutions built on the foundation of psychological safety and grounded in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging).


Results: Reduced turnover, increased employee satisfaction, and an innovative workforce that is happier, more productive, and loyal for all the right reasons.


I believe that creating a psychologically safe, inclusive, and equitable workplace is the key to sustained success. I know the world is changing fast, and it can be difficult to keep up. I'm here to help! I strive to help my clients build an environment that empowers their employees and encourages positive change. Let me help you put the "human" back into Human Resources.

"What do you do?"

While I aim to give every client their own custom support plan to meet their specific needs, I do have a scope of support that I can guarantee as a baseline for any corporate client. These services can be offered on a consultation basis where I help you set things up and train an internal administrator, or I can handle the administration of these processes myself if that's what is needed:

  • Policy creation and audits

  • US-based compliance consulting: state and federal, FMLA/ADA, EEOC, DOL, etc.

  • Leave of absence and accommodation administration

  • Benefit plan audits and administration

  • Onboarding and offboarding procedures 

    • New Hire Paperwork administration (I-9, W4, etc.)

    • Orientation

    • Interviewing

    • Job postings and job descriptions

    • Administrative action (verbal warnings, probations, etc.)

    • Exit interviews and surveys

  • Employee satisfaction surveys and stay interviews​

  • DEI audits and strategies

  • Company culture audit and strategies

  • Leadership training and support

    • Giving and receiving feedback effectively

    • Performance reviews and performance improvement plans

    • Effective communication and conflict resolution

    • etc

  • Wellness programs​

  • HRIS management or integration 

  • And so much more!

Why "As Is"?

It's difficult to know what your next step is if you can't see your starting point clearly. Plus, your workforce deserves solutions that are just as unique and diverse as they are. That's why I pledge to meet you and your workforce exactly where you are, As Is, without judgment. Then we can craft a tailored solution together. Ready to get started? Book a free consultation today!

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HR Consulting

Compliance, policies, mediation, cultural initiatives, and more! Standalone consults or retainer options available.

Employee Satisfaction

Survey administration with secure third-party data collection, gap analysis, KPI-centered/SMART project management, ROI tracking, inclusive wellness program planning, etc.

Trainings, Workshops, & Retreats

Leadership training, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, accountability and trust building, mentorship program design, conflict resolution and mediation, task management, mindfulness meditation, motivational speaking, scalable company culture, etc.

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